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Joining Banner Health

Arizona Center For Chest Diseases is joining banner!

We have some exciting news! We’re joining Banner Health to provide even more incredible care to our patients. What does this mean for you?

#1. We’re moving locations…but don’t worry, its just a mile down the road.

#2. The old patient portal will be shutting down. The new banner patient portal will be up shortly.

See details below for more specific details.

We are excited to announce that effective May 1, 2024, we will be joining Banner University Medical Group at Banner Health Center plus in Arcadia where we will continue seeing and caring for you at our new location at 44th St and Camelback, a few blocks to the East of our current office. Going forward, we will be seeing you as Banner employed physicians rather than Arizona Center for Chest Disease. We anticipate a seamless transition from your perspective other than a change in contact information and office location.

As you know, Arizona Center for Chest Disease has been caring for patients in the valley since the 1970s and our practice has been recognized as a valley leader in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine for over 40 years. This new relationship with Banner Health allows us to further grow and add resources to the care you have come to expect from our group. Our commitment to you, your pulmonary health and the Phoenix community will not change!

Please note the following changes effective May 1, 2024:
● You can visit us at our new office location at Banner Health Center plus. 4200 E. Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ
● Our new phone contact will be 602.521.3400 for scheduling and patient-care related questions.
● Our current Arizona Center for Chest Diseases office phone number, 602.264.5685, will be maintained and will
redirect your call to the Banner office for scheduling and other health needs or to the prior ACCD billing line for
billing concerns.
● Your medical records will be available in the Banner Health Center plus facility, thus re-establishing you as an
existing patient for your ongoing clinical needs.
● Banner Health accepts most commercial, Medicare and Medicaid plans. We encourage you to verify your
insurance coverage with Banner Health to ensure a smooth transition of care.

Preparing for the Transition
● We will no longer be seeing patients at our current location on 40th St after April 23, 2024, and we will reopen to
patients in our new clinic space on May 13, 2024. If you have an appointment scheduled during this time, we will
contact you to reschedule.
● During this practice transition, if you have an urgent need, our staff and physicians will remain available and will
respond as appropriate.
● You will also find similar or updated information on our website at azlung.com.
● For emergent needs during this time, please utilize the nearest Emergency Department or dial 911.

Thank you for being our patient, and we appreciate your trust in your care. If you have additional questions about how this change will impact your personal Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine health needs, please call our office at 602.264.5685.

We look forward to our continued participation in your care.